Sunday Night

Praise Worship Prayer (PWP)
These nights are held in two homes, one in Glenmore Park and the other in the mountains.

Two Recorded Night Service Talks

 Thursday 26 May


Praying for the Sick
Ken Fish who spent time early in the life of the Vineyard with John Wimber taught from Isaiah 9.
To listen to the audio click on the link:Praying for the Sick

Sunday 13 February 2011
Clinic in hearing God’s voice, interpreting it, and knowing what to do with it.
Looking at the different factors influencing a wise interpretation of what we hear, and what others say they are hearing for us. God is speaking but the disposition of our heart will determine how accurately we actually hear - “The pure in heart will see God.” 
To listen to the audio click on the link: Hearing God's Voice