Becoming a Follower of Jesus

What do Christians believe? How do I become a follower of Jesus?
A Christian is someone who freely places their confidence in Jesus Christ, and develops a relationship with him that shapes their lives. Why would someone do that? The answer is found in knowing who Jesus is, and what he has done for us. The Bible tells us that:
Jesus Christ established a pathway to God for us
God’s love for us caused him to send his son Jesus (who was sinless) to take his judgement for our sin by dying on a cross. By paying the price for our sin Jesus established a pathway to God for us. When we place our confidence in Jesus, our sins are forgotten by God and He forgives and accepts us unconditionally! This is the only way to God.  

Jesus Christ conquered death and gave us eternal life

God raised Jesus from the dead, giving him authority over all things including death. Trust in him guarantees us ‘eternal life’. This means that physical death isn’t the end, but a way to a life of blessing with God forever.
Jesus Christ sends the Holy Spirit to help and heal us
When we acknowledge and turn from our sin, we receive God’s Spirit to make us whole and free. His power in us enables us to live life well, and to make a difference in the world for God’s glory.    

Jesus Christ will return to the earth as King forever    
Jesus Christ will return, and our physical life on earth will end. Only those who have placed their confidence in him – whether living or already dead - will live in his spiritual kingdom forever (with God). There will be no death, mourning, crying or pain because the gracious, eternal kingdom of God will overcome every other kingdom in the universe.

To become a Christian right now, pray this simple prayer to God:
“I accept that I am a sinner and that only Jesus can deal with my sin and open a pathway to God for me. I confess Jesus that you are Lord, and I place my confidence in you. I gratefully receive Your gift of eternal life. I want to follow you and ask that you give me your Holy Spirit to help me. Amen.”  

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