Church Camp 2011

Our camp this year will focus on the theme 'JOURNEYS'. 

We often think about reaching certain destinations in our lives and in our life with God.  We are supposed to be going somewhere – towards God, changing, growing, developing skills, being purposeful in ways that fulfil us and bring pleasure to God.  As followers of Jesus we are supposed to be finding peace and joy, and we are supposed to be joining our Master to make the world a better place. Have you ever wondered how different you actually are compared to people who don’t follow Jesus?  Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference, and one of the reasons for this discouraging realisation might be that we are not actually taking a journey towards God at all! If so, imagine the possibilities if we did!

Amazing things like the Apostle Paul’s Damascus Road encounter with the resurrected Jesus obviously can happen, but most of the time God breaks into our lives when we are on a consistent journey of relating to Him – being on this journey is God’s destination for us.  This camp is about providing encouragement and support for this life-transforming journey.   

The temptation is to think that because we have found God our journey towards Him is no longer relevant.  But the Christian writer A W Tozer wrote that God’s love makes us “children of the burning heart” who “have found God but still pursue Him”.  He was saying in essence that we are always on a journey towards God, and in fact that to have truly found Him doesn’t end the journey but rather ignites our passion for it.  

Of course life is a journey that we all take one way or another.  The camp this year is designed to help us take a journey that will leave us without regrets at the end, and to help us at our current spot along the way. We will recognise and celebrate the fact that we are all at different places. We all have stories to tell and things to teach each other from the journey so far, and this will be a wonderful part of this year’s camp too. 

We want to try to maintain the same balance of input, building relationships, and fun that we all enjoyed so much at last year’s camp.  My hope is that we again leave the camp refreshed and with new stories of meetings with God.