Our Values


God loves what he is - righteousness, mercy etc. - and seeks glory by expressing himself in the world. Our highest calling is to so value these qualities in him that we worship him or freely give love to him. We consider him worthy of all the attention, affection, and honour we could ever give him with our hearts, our voices, and our lives. We make sacrifices to express his qualities in the world as an act of worship. Out of pure grace God has linked our well-being to doing what gives him the greatest pleasure.



Encountering God’s love changes everything! It is the starting point and on-going motivation for life with God because it frees us to willingly respond to God and in this way to live in His presence. For this reason we seek with the help of the Holy Spirit to know the width, length, height and depth of God’s love in Christ – particularly that our sins are forgiven. Learning to let God love us, loving God in return, and loving others forms our highest priority in the Kingdom of God. If it is true as Jesus taught that following him leads us to the life of God and being most alive, leading people to become followers of Jesus is a significant act of love.


First-Hand Involvement with God

God cannot love or have a relationship with someone else on our behalf. Others cannot worship, obey, seek or find God for us. The journey to God is wonderfully and lovingly personal and first-hand involvement with God’s Word and Spirit is basic to it. We value practices which help each of us to discover God’s love, hear his voice, and join God in his work in the world. We want everyone to have their own stories of the goodness of God.



We intentionally train people in skills for the spiritual life and for doing kingdom ministry. We value the process of learning-by-doing as Jesus did so that we make "practitioners" of people who actually live the kingdom life. This is what Jesus would call discipleship. Focusing on education or understanding something in separation from doing it will only make "theorists" of us. Being around someone who performs a certain ministry skill successfully, or demonstrates personal maturity is the best way to learn to do or be it yourself.


Expressing God’s mercy to people in need

We take seriously the call to compassionately and generously help people in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual need because this is the heart of God. We seek to do so in ways which protect the dignity of people.


The Holy Spirit and the spiritual life

We come to know God, hear his voice, grow in holiness and love, and are instruments of the Kingdom’s advance through the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit. We need and desire the Spirit to be at work in us every day, and value spiritual gifts and the practices of the spiritual life.


Joining God’s mission in the world

Mission exists because worship doesn’t. We believe that God is already at work to restore his creation. We seek to find out what he is doing (at home and in other nations) and to join him. We are committed to lead people searching for God to become followers of Jesus Christ.



We are committed to a life of prayer because we love God and we cannot change or achieve anything of eternal value without him.


Developing Relationships

We are not content to be a collection of individuals or a crowd because God desires a “fellowship” sharing Christ’s values. Following Jesus happens in the context of relationships. We aim to work together to advance God’s Kingdom by maintaining mutual respect, open communication, determined cooperation, and believing and speaking the best about each other.